Everyone knows the popular Star Wars movies and many of us have dreamed of being a Jedi. At KM Lightsaber Academy, you will!, and will train from a real swordsmanship perspective. We offer a well-structured and realistic Lightsaber martial arts program for both kids and adults.

KM Lightsaber Academy is not associated with The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm LTD, LFL, LTD or other owners of intellectual property connected with the Star Wars® trademark… 

At KM Lightsaber Academy, your teachers are professional martial arts instructors; experts in Filipino Kali & Eskrima, Japanese swordsmanship (Iaido & Kenjutsu), Chinese martial arts, Boxing and much more… If this is what you’ve always dreamed of doing, you can now experience it in real life! Have the FUN of your life while getting all the benefits and values of martial arts training.

Our LSA program goes way beyond Lightsaber and martial arts practice, and is built on the best of Lightsaber combat, traditional martial arts but also modern psychomotor training, and a healthy lifestyle. Our structured curriculum was designed to optimize our students’ learning, to balance their brain hemispheres and have a lasting impact on their lives, including leadership, focus, health, self-confidence and school / work results. But the main goal is still Combat, and we will train you to become a legit Lightsaber swordsman.